Tuesday, December 31, 2013

dancing in the street

Annoy The Institute by dancing in the street tonight. It is categorized as "hooliganism" in the Institute's Behavior Guide and may lead to other unusual and abnormal activities.

Be prepared

Be ready to act when the unexpected happens.
Hanna Lindgren

The first thing

“And the first thing that you want
Will be the last thing you'll ever need
That's how you fight it”
Alexandar Siljkovic

Do not enter

If you should find yourself outside the walls of The Institute. Do not Enter!

Monday, December 30, 2013

I refuse!

I think the Institute is trying to tell us something, but I refuse to listen.
Hanna Lindgren

The All-Seeing Eye

The Institute wants to know more about you. Please fill out the form.
Jan Bernhardtz

Crowded streets

"The loneliness of crowded streets makes no sounds. The slow motion reflects the eye catching light which causes vertigo. We fall. While falling we see the wind and hear the light. Only loneliness is real."
Ksenija Spanec


stacked in little boxes, we live ghostlike unaware of the possibilities outside of the false reality created by the institute.
Arleen Hodge

Sunday, December 29, 2013


I dream about dancing.
Hanna Lindgren


Scattered, separated...drifting apart. Or fastening, binding...coming together. Which way to go? Do we want open water or solid ice?  


"Follow your instinct, not your head"
Javi HS


numero 68, no encontré el 69 del Kamasutra
number 68, could not find the 69 of Kamasutra
Antonio Sánchez-Barriga

North winds

Just walking, trying to forget about The Institute. North winds.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


People are visiting the frozen zones, to illuminate their minds.
Jan Bernhardtz


"Nobody can take away, what I am, for I am made of feelings and feelings could be concealed. There, in the frozen zone, where nobody is supposed to cry I will still feel tenderness for this little dry plant in the deep snow and nobody will know that."
Ksenija Spanec

Mitochondrial Eve

I have to think hard now. When was The Institute established ? Modern man was born in East Africa about 140 000 - 200 000 years ago. Eve is the most recent woman from whom all living humans today descend, on their mother’s side. My guess is that The Institute has appeared in many forms and that it started when the civilization of hunters and gatherers came to an end after 100 000 years of existence. 

keep your eyes on hope

"Close your eyes for a moment and let the gentle breeze touch your skin. Open your senses and your mind. Forget what you thought you knew. Then open your eyes. There is hope in front of you. Hope is the invisible force that rules this world. With hope in our hearts we are able to continue our voyage. So keep your eyes on hope now."
Ksenija Spanec


I know. I’m not like others. I never was.
My old Lubitel is not like all normal cameras. It wasn’t even in the time of analogs.
My film is not like other films. It was 28 years old, when it was loaded in the camera without any chance to achieve something valuable.
Nor this photo is like others.
Zoran Djordjevic 
/The Institute reminds Mr Djordjevic that any abnormal or unusual activity is illegal and will be punished.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Below zero

- Be careful
- The Arts
- Respond randomly

The points above refer only to the standard error of the mean.
Just get used to them.

There is no interesting question that could really be answered by the
Michael Winnerholt


If you fall, the Institute will get you back on your feet.
Hanna Lindgren

The Institute is hammering our heads with Propaganda

we have to find better protection.
Jan Bernhardtz

The Institute will never find out...

...about where we go and find strength to resist.


Unexpectedly a trip changed direction. I crossed three borders of the Union, in which one is no longer there. I still carry a passport. You never know. An old house with a huge, somewhat neglected park and excellent light. Peace from the  park moved into my soul.
Zoran Djordjevic

The gyms are open

A message brought to you by The Institute´s Departement of Sports and Recreation: "In our busy, stressful lives, we need to take time out to look after ourselves and learn to love our bodies. Exercising makes you feel more positive, increases your sense of well being and gives you the energy needed for living a full and happy life."
Jan Bernhardtz

Thursday, December 26, 2013

This is not a fairy tale

"Once upon a time, in a nowhere land, the cloud disappeared and left the lake alone, without the reflection. This is not a fairytale and they didn't live happily ever after."
Ksenija Spanec

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The End is Near

repent, or fuck till you die.
Javi HS

LoC ­ Level of Communication

Every image is colored by emotion. Dreams.
We need some time to think about it.

I see her every morning.
Michael Winnerholt

A child is born...

...every second. That's 86 400 in just 24 hours. The Institute is aware of it and it causes some stress...so many new people to incorporate, supervise and brainwash. The clock is ticking...

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

The citizens of The Institute wish you peace. love and Revoxxxxxx(censored by The I) Feeling a bit suffocated.
Jan Bernhardtz

Moments of truth

"There are the "moments of truth", when you get hit by something that you even do not recognize immediately. In those moments you feel larger than life. The power of creation makes you strong, brave, beautiful...those moments cannot be shared, they can be described only, but afterwards...
We are responsible for our moments of truth, because those moments are opening the visions that goes beyond the gray walls of our solitary lives and we have to use this opportunity. It will hopefully lead us to something better, worth living for."
Ksenija Spanec

Yes, we travel

Sometimes we know where we are coming from and where we are going. Most of the time we are lost between highways and endless plains.

Looking Up and Looking Down

Happy and unhappy people use different information.
Too many people? I¹m going to start counting.
Michael Winnerholt

We travel

"Is it us to choose the road, or is it the road to choose us? We travel without being able to understand our way or purpose. Sometimes, along the road, we are trying to focus, to understand, to stop for a while and take a breath... but the stop is only one and final."
Ksenija Spanec

Monday, December 23, 2013

No poetry at all

Equipped for the modern life. Spit and sing!
Aleksandar Siljkovic

The poetry of the moment

"Is there anyone here who is still able to recognize the poetry of the moment, or they are all already gone for the supermarkets?"
Ksenija Spanec

Sunday, December 22, 2013

These paths...

These paths, stairs and corridors. Where do they lead? Which ones are real? “They're there to help you, The Citizen”, the Department of Information tells us on the TV (short for The Institute-Vision). I think they do help, I feel comforted, and slightly confused. No need to bother The Magistratus today.
Rickard Falk

Nobody will tell you...

...about what goes on in the underworld. You will have to find out for yourself.
Jan Bernhardtz

I had too much to dream last night

fell out of bed.

The Ritual

Citizens performing the ritual that's cheerfully been dubbed the Logans Run. When completed The Citizen gets a placard in The Department of Youth's second basement hallway. It's created a fervour among The Citizenship.
Rickard Falk

Saturday, December 21, 2013


"Followed by loneliness, until the end of our way... The struggle for existence has created the feeling of being helpless and the feeling of being helpless has provoked loneliness. We are paying a high price for living in a society in which the rules are made by the Institute, in the name of profit. We are only numbers in the crowd. As numbers we are born, we live and we die."
Ksenija Spanec

Neferjeperura Amenhotep

El Sol siempre brillará, es la Luz que nos ilumina
Though You are far, your rays are on Earth.
Though seen by them, your course is unknown.
Antonio Sánchez-Barriga

Friday, December 20, 2013

why are moths attracted to artificial light?

There are many theories.
Jan Bernhardtz


What are these creatures? The Institute tells you they're dangerous figments of a twisted pasts imagination, only shown for a short period of time to enlighten you, The Citizen, of the dangers of not being one with The Institute. Some who went through the exhibition got a stamp in their ID before being ushered to a door on the left  It read 'PTSD' someone said. Past-Traumatic Social Dementia, someone else whispered: I wonder what it means?

The line to the entrance is getting shorter; almost there.
Rickard Falk

A relaxing experience

Discover a comfortable and relaxing experience in The Institute’s shopping malls. They know all about your psychology, buying behavior as well as your tastes and preferences.

a soul

"It happened one day ...a monkey learned to read. It was just an ordinary monkey, not too clever at all, but he started to talk about the adventures he read about. Monkeys are curious by nature and now all of them wanted some new and extraordinary adventure for themselves...and they all learned to read. The next step was writing. Now they are creating stories...it is strange, but most of their stories begin with a statement..."We, monkeys are superior to other beings. We have a soul."
Ksenija Spanec


The Institute keeps telling us that it is dangerous out there. To meet and talk to a stranger in the street is not recommended. The Institute directs the citizens to the virtual world and encourages social networking. It is completely harmless and safe - for everybody.


I snuck over the wall one evening at 4:05 am, mischief ensued.
Rickard Falk

Affordable homes

The Institute works through financial institutions to increase access to finance for property construction and mortgages.
Mikael Jansson 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Decline of literacy

Literacy began to decline in Rome during the third century. Teaching of the Classical curriculum was banned on the grounds that it might corrupt the minds of youth. While the book roll had emphasized the continuity of the text, the codex format encouraged a "piecemeal" approach to reading by means of citation, fragmented interpretation, and the extraction of maxims. (source Wiki)
Jan Bernhardtz


Lucy said ”Dance like you're spelling Gurdjieff”. After a lifetime inside The Institute I didn't understand.
Rickard Falk