Monday, March 31, 2014


The Agenda decays endlessly with every word. As it falters our souls keep growing, a balloon of make-believe hidden at the bottom of a murky glass.
Gabriel Amza

Light yogurt revolution

Yogurt is a powerful revolutionary tool. Therefore it should be taken in diluted concentrations.
Denis Bozic Bogovic

After tomorrow

A Doctor from the Institute explained to me that if I play with the rules I will be transferred to a much nicer place called "Tomorrow". But I fear tomorrow. My faith lies in what comes after tomorrow. Please tell me what to do.
Ulf Fågelhammar

Mixed feelings

Mixed feelings, always tearing me apart.
Cristina Tinta


Some Citizens are a constant annoyance. They are even smiling and making fun of the Institute. But their actions are often well considered. Others disagree: "Kein objektiven Grund".
Ulf Fågelhammar

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Biding my time...

The Institute has offered me a position - but I am waiting ... I have greater plans...
Ulf Fågelhammar

Spaced apart

You try hard to remain human after all.
Every day is fight for survival.
Trying to go against the system or trying to live in the system.
You are trying but they are stronger.
They are going to cut you in the little pieces.
So you could stop trying to be human after all.
Dario Matić

a process of transformation

Wake me up inside...
Cristina Tinta

O lullaby of the soul, the song of something else!

You are wandering off, losing yourself
Don’t be in such a rush
Stop a little
in the fall when
in the fall when all gates / Gunnar Ekelöf
Mikael Jansson


The other side of the Twin Towers.
Ibnu Suhada

Saturday, March 29, 2014


"That story would have been mine, but I haven't had the courage to go out and grab it. I can't imprison the stars. I am imprisoning the plants instead."
Ksenija Spanec

I often thought...

"At that time, I often thought that if I had had to live in the trunk of a dead tree, with nothing to do but look up at the sky flowing overhead, little by little I would have gotten used to it." - Albert Camus
George Holroyd


It was early morning. Snow was deep. Time to make first step, to make path to make mark. I walk, sometimes slow and difficult, sometimes quickly and easily, but mostly alone. There is less snow, there are fewer opportunities to start a new path, to leave a new trail. There is so little time to finish circle, until new snow, until darkness.
Zoran Djordjevic


The Institute assures me that everything is in order. Calm has been restored. Upstairs.
Ulf Fågelhammar

Friday, March 28, 2014

Safe place

"I've been living in this box, for so long. Yes, I remember, once I used to be sad and lonely. I had dreams, but those were the foolish dreams of the youth... Not any more. The emptiness doesn't need a company. I do not care about escaping any more. Here's the safe place. Just me and myself. The world scares me."
Ksenija Spanec

All of us

“All of us, all of us
trying to save
our immortal souls, some ways
seemingly more round-
about and mysterious
than others.”/ Raymond Carver
Aleksandar Siljkovic


The entrance to Wonderland is closed.
Cristina Tinta

Are we not human then . . . ?

By no means… you are carbon sketches… dissolving… soon to be forgotten.. 
Welcome back. This is The Institute.
Ulf Fågelhammar