Saturday, November 29, 2014


"It is all about how you feel inside.The patterns on the surface are changing constantly. You shouldn't care about that."
Ksenija Spanec

Q: How did Homo Sapiens defeat the Neanderthals ?

A: By 
Q: So art is priceless?
A: Oh, yes!
Hanna Lindgren

Thursday, November 27, 2014

a tree house

"We are building a tree house. There, we will lock forever, the taste of cherries, the summer wind and purple sunsets. Those memories will never touch the ground."

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


On my way to the Great Desert, or south of the Great Desert  (can't be too specific about that). They tell me that there are pockets of resistance. There may be people who aren't brainwashed or connected to the Institute.

Just remember...'s all about electricity.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Petite bourgeoisie Day

The Institute is celebrating the virtues of the petty bourgeoisie today. It points out ambition, envy, hypocrisy and selfishness as corner stones of The Institute. I refuse to participate in the event.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Outside and inside

"Through a glass, darkly, I watch from the withinside; outside and inside; watching the watchers; they probably know."
Rickard Falk

Q: Is this the way out?

A: No, this is the entrance. 
Q: Does it mean that I can't get in and can't get out?
A: ...
Jan Bernhardtz

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Is it really cashmere ?

More questions...
Hanna Lindgren


"So many questions, will never get an answer. Shadows are taking over."
Ksenija Spanec


"What's he building in there?
He has subscriptions to those magazines...
He never waves when he goes by.
He's hiding something from the rest of us...
What the hell is he building...
Rickard Falk

Winter scare

There are several other Scare Departments at The Institute; Disease Scare, Food Scare, Terrorist Scare etc. In fact the scares are often very real, but The Institute is paying less attention to inform and protect its Citizens than to scare them. People who are scared are easier to handle.
Ulf Fågelhammar

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weather underground

The Institute's Scary Weather department provides forecasts and severe alerts. It is a sophisticated type of psychological warfare aimed at intimidating the Citizens.
Hanna Lindgren

Black hole

Please keep the distance! Something very unpleasant or dangerous nearly happened .
Jan Bernhardtz

The Institute is celebrating

The initial testing of the brand new mind penetrating missile system is a great success.
Ulf Fågelhammar

Friday, November 21, 2014

The totality of The Institute

"As above, so below - True, without falsehood, certain and most true, that which is above is the same as that which is below, and that which is below is the same as that which is above. And as all things are from The Institute, so all things have their birth from The Institute. The Sun is its Father, the Moon its Mother, the Wind carries it in its belly, its nurse is the Earth. We are The Institute of all perfection, or consummation of the whole world."
Rickard Falk


Fog reminds me of childhood. They say that sound travels far on foggy days and although I lived 25 km from the coast I was sure that I could hear the sea - waves pounding the shore, a fishing boat.
Ulf Fågelhammar

Thursday, November 20, 2014


“I have hardly anything in common with myself and should stand very quietly in a corner, content that I can breathe.” 
― Franz Kafka
Ksenija Spanec


The playground lies deserted like a memory of when children used to play outdoors.
Jan Bernhardtz

I'm going

I’ve just reached a place
Where the willow don’t bend
There’s not much more to be said
It’s the top of the end
I’m going
I’m going
I’m gone

- Bob Dylan

Jonas Valthersson

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Black sun

The Institute promised that there would be sunshine every day at the Retreat and harmony and peace. I found nothing of that. In fact it has been quite dark for several weeks. Well, The Institute made me a sun to watch, so I guess that I should be content.
Ulf Fågelhammar


I was moved to the country-side; the view's the same...
Rickard Falk

We tried 22 times

We didn´t speak the same language...
Michael Winnerholt

Song of Time

Strings have a limited lifetime. Apart from obvious things, such as the winding of a string coming undone from wear, players generally change a string when it no longer plays true, losing the desired tone.
Jan Bernhardtz

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Zombie cheering

In cartoons, a dead character's eyes are often drawn as Xs
Ulf Fågelhammar

Domina Gunilda

For the love of humanity reproduce yourself. Says the Institute.
Sanja Buterin


"Mobilize! They are!"
Rickard Falk

about nothing

Wenn die Irrtümer verbraucht sind 
Sitzt als letzter Gesellschafter 
Uns das Nichts gegenüber. 

When the errors are consumed
The nothing will sit next to us
as our last companion.
/Bertolt Brecht

Jan Bernhardtz

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Institute tells us... resignate and despair. But giving up is not an option.
Ulf Fågelhammar

wicked game

"Lately my mind is playing games with me. I think I have lost the orientation."
Ksenija Spanec

No surrender !

"I went were I wasn't supposed to; torn pages; said Fanon & Foucault.Scribbles on the wall; lit a fire."
Rickard Falk

Sunday, November 16, 2014

I was wondering...

...why they hadn't locked me up. 
Chrissie from 1982 flew in the house like a pigeon from hell
and I looked around... 
Ulf Fågelhammar


When cracks appear in an otherwise spotless facade, people find comfort in the things they used to know.
Magnus Nystedt

Saturday, November 15, 2014

white house

black house
white cabin 
black cabin
Jan Bernhardtz

pâle Ophélia

For more than a thousand years sad Ophelia
Has passed, a white phantom, down the long black river.
For more than a thousand years her sweet madness
Has murmured its ballad to the evening breeze.

Voici plus de mille ans que la triste Ophélie
Passe, fantôme blanc, sur le long fleuve noir
Voici plus de mille ans que sa douce folie
Murmure sa romance à la brise du soir
/Arthur Rimbaud

Ulf Fågelhammar

Friday, November 14, 2014

Someone must have been telling lies

“No," said the priest, "you don't need to accept everything as true, you only have to accept it as necessary." "Depressing view," said K. "The lie made into the rule of the world.” 
― Franz Kafka, The Trial
Johan Larsson

Thursday, November 13, 2014


"The roses have faded, there's frost at my door
The birds in the morning don't sing anymore
The grass in the valley is starting to die..."
/Hank Williams

Jan Bernhardtz


"The chaos within and around, forces me to move. I long for a quiet sound of the falling rain."
Ksenija Spanec


still I see them
how they were...
bare winter trees

/Kobayashi Issa

Ulf Fågelhammar

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


”Certes, men have now become
More enlightened. Now no more
Do they slaughter in their zeal
For celestial interests.

"'Tis no longer holy rage,
Ecstasy nor madness sheer,
But self-love alone that urges
Them to slaughter and to crime.

"Now for worldly goods they strive,
Day by day and year by year.
It is one eternal war;
Each goes robbing for himself.”

/Heinrich Heine, Atta Troll

Jan Bernhardtz


"The clear statement rule doesn't apply on art."
Ksenija Spanec

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Usually in art...

...the use of X indicates a collaboration with two or more artists.
Ulf Fågelhammar

As a result of its use in algebra...

...X is often used to represent unknowns in other circumstances
Jan Bernhardtz


Good advice is not hard to find in the city of dreams and destruction.
Ulf Fågelhammar

Monday, November 10, 2014

Breaking the surface

101A – forward Dive Straight
Jan Bernhardtz

Forgetful, distracted and foggy

Watching the decay and decline of The Institute. I am losing my sight - only nightmares are for real.
Ulf Fågelhammar

dreaming or half awake

The dark and solemn stare in spite and respect for the freedom of the unchained dancing prisoners. The system breeds us all into our roles, and for it we judge.
Gabriel Amza

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Electricity is not a human invention

There is an electric fish and there is lightning. Is electricity in fact a mysterious, quasi-magical force that can slay the living and revive the dead. Are shadows electric? I have to ask Tesla or Herz or Galvani. 
Ulf Fågelhammar

Saturday, November 8, 2014